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People Are Boring : Focusing on Nonsense

People Are Boring Focusing on Nonsense By Adam Mundorf People Are Boring We all are supposed to fit into the same square hole.  I was at Vetri Cucina in Philadelphia yesterday for dinner with a couple of friends from the Vanguard Group and the Bogleheads forum.  While the dinner was excellent (too expensive for my tastes), as I looked around the restaurant everybody was the same.  Everybody was fucking boring.  Wearing the same overpriced garbage, faces reading their phones, calling the waitresses like servants and every overheard conversation was void of humor or interest.  Man, I pray to God I never end up like these people.  There was something unnerving about the whole situation. Focusing on Nonsense We focus so much on nonsense.  The worldly news, the stock market movements, politics, social media, promiscuity and celebrities.  It's all bullshit.  People try to season their bland lives with activities but in all reality it's the daily minutia that causes boredom.  For the

The Fallacy of Advancement

  The Fallacy of Advancement By Adam Mundorf The Fallacy of Advancement There's nothing I cringe at more than people vying for 'professional' advancement.  We've been sold a bill of goods that never comes to fruition.  Corporate America specifically gives people a false sense of achievement.  The rewards are many - A plaque on the wall, a larger cubical, a meaningless title in front of your name, an award or maybe a raise to forget that life is about more.  You start off as a young professional wanting to prove him or herself in some company, you achieve these 'milestones' then you wake up one day and you're ready to retire.  You lived a life meeting to meet, report to report, award to award and weekend to weekend.  Maybe here and there you filled your free time with empty hedonistic pursuits like going out to dinner, watching a movie or even worse trying to impress somebody.  All in all, you die empty and void of any real achievement because you bought the

Spiritual Warfare by Adam Mundorf

Spiritual Warfare By Adam Mundorf 'Our integrity sells for so little, but it is all we really have.' Spiritual Warfare Holding yourself to a higher standard is of the utmost importance.  Let's be completely transparent here, modern day humans are extraordinarily weak.  I don't mean weak only in terms of physical strength but emotional and spiritual fortitude.  We buy things we can't afford.  We don't take responsibility for our actions.  We don't plan for the future in a prudent way both physically or financially (both pieces are equally important).  We complain about problems that aren't really problems at all.  We pursue flesh over dignity.  We look at social media as a source of pride when in reality it is nothing at all.  Many of us are comfortable at living off welfare and taking from our fellow citizens regardless of if you truly need it. We look back upon saints, heroes, religious figures and people who took the high road with great reverence.  Wh