People Are Boring : Focusing on Nonsense

People Are Boring

Focusing on Nonsense

By Adam Mundorf

People Are Boring
We all are supposed to fit into the same square hole.  I was at Vetri Cucina in Philadelphia yesterday for dinner with a couple of friends from the Vanguard Group and the Bogleheads forum.  While the dinner was excellent (too expensive for my tastes), as I looked around the restaurant everybody was the same.  Everybody was fucking boring.  Wearing the same overpriced garbage, faces reading their phones, calling the waitresses like servants and every overheard conversation was void of humor or interest.  Man, I pray to God I never end up like these people.  There was something unnerving about the whole situation.

Focusing on Nonsense
We focus so much on nonsense.  The worldly news, the stock market movements, politics, social media, promiscuity and celebrities.  It's all bullshit.  People try to season their bland lives with activities but in all reality it's the daily minutia that causes boredom.  For the love of God, don't let society drag you down into the murky depths of metaphorical hell.  Find a job you love, don't saddle yourself with societal obligations, don't make any huge mistakes, don't date someone just because you're lonely and get comfortable being alone.  Escape the Matrix and live life on your own terms.  I post this because those people I witnessed in that 'fancy' restaurant were already figuratively dead.  There was no excitement in their voices, no twinkle in their eyes and there was no individuality.  They were trying to be someone they weren't but only what society told them they needed to be.

Find your imagination again and live life on your own spiritual terms.


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