The Fallacy of Advancement


The Fallacy of Advancement

By Adam Mundorf

The Fallacy of Advancement
There's nothing I cringe at more than people vying for 'professional' advancement.  We've been sold a bill of goods that never comes to fruition.  Corporate America specifically gives people a false sense of achievement.  The rewards are many - A plaque on the wall, a larger cubical, a meaningless title in front of your name, an award or maybe a raise to forget that life is about more.  You start off as a young professional wanting to prove him or herself in some company, you achieve these 'milestones' then you wake up one day and you're ready to retire.  You lived a life meeting to meet, report to report, award to award and weekend to weekend.  Maybe here and there you filled your free time with empty hedonistic pursuits like going out to dinner, watching a movie or even worse trying to impress somebody.  All in all, you die empty and void of any real achievement because you bought the bill of goods that the world sold you.

I want my life history to be absolutely littered with different jobs and professions.  Once the bills are paid, life is about fulfillment.  For those who say that life is expensive so you need to work these meaningless jobs, I say to you this :  "It is not the man who has the most but the one who wants for least who has the most."  Simplify your wants, focus on intrinsic goals and pursue what makes your spirit truly fulfilled.


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