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What I Believe Happens After Death : My Conundrum of Good and Evil/The Predestination Theory

What I Believe Happens After Death By Adam Mundorf What's the worst thing that a person can imagine?  Oftentimes it's death, even though it's called the great unknown.  Nobody knows what happens after this life, it could end up being the greatest ever.  In the following passage, I'll give my idea on what happens after death. What I Believe Happens After Death Let's start with birth and death.  One day we just started remembering and doing.  We became an easily malleable soul.  What was before that?  Nothing that we know of.  In a way, death is just as natural as birth.  It happens at different times, in different ways and oftentimes not at an ideal time.   As with anything in life, everything is connected and everything matters.  A butterfly effect of things change events around the world and for eternity, no matter how insignificant.  I dropped a pencil in New Jersey in 2003 and it caused a Chinese man to get run over by a bus in 2020.  Einstein said that energy ca

Waste : How many Chairs can One Man Sit In?

Waste How Many Chairs Can One Man Sit In? By Adam Mundorf Waste Man, if there's one thing in life I despise it's waste.  People who buy too much and throw so much away.  What bothers me most is the waste of animal products.  Not only are you killing a living thing, you're wasting it's carcass and wasting money on the meat.  Waste implies that you are taking more than your fair share from the universe.  It's an extremely selfish act to waste and one that I believe comes with some karmic repercussions.  It's that mindset that you just need more and more.  More food, more money, more things, more alcohol and more drugs.  If you have food, water and shelter : How much more do you truly NEED? How Many Chairs Can One Man Sit In? How many chairs can one man sit in and is it virtuous to have more than your fair share?  I can see accumulating money with the sole purpose of doing great deeds with it.  At the end of the day, money gets people fed and wells built while good