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Be a Beacon of Light : My Christian Ideals but I'm not a Christian

  Be a Beacon of Light My Christian Ideals but I'm Not a Christian by Adam Mundorf Be a Beacon of Light Why do we find inspiration from movies in which good overcomes evil?  Why do we find pleasure in watching the resiliency of good  overcoming seemingly insurmountable evil?  We view this as a fantasy but I believe that we can all become angelic.  Think about who you are and your ideal self.  Is your ideal self a picture of someone who drank on the weekends, did drugs on the weekday and just lived a day to day cycle of spiritual suffering?  -OR- Is your ideal self a picture of someone who refrained from earthly ideals to become angelic?  Someone who others can look to for hope......Let's be real : Spiritual growth and cultivation is the only way to achieve long term gratification. My Christian Ideals but I'm Not a Christian I get a lot of questions from Reddit asking about my religion.  I was raised 'Christian' but I no longer identify as such but that doesn't m

Moral Superiority

  Moral Superiority By Adam Mundorf Moral Superiority Knowing you do right provides ultimate satisfaction.  Aiming to eliminate vices and embrace the resonating light.  Asceticism is the act of extreme self discipline and avoidance of indulgence.  Do you truly think that intrinsic success and self fulfillment comes without sacrifice?  Abstaining from drugs, self pleasure, materialism, promiscuity and opulence isn't easy but it is simple.  All you do is exercise discipline and self respect.  While I'm not a religious person, I do find it interesting how almost all religions preach against indulgence.  They preach a life of hard work and no I'm not talking about going to the office from 9 to 5.  I'm talking about the work of your soul, mind and body. True creation requires sacrifice.  I sacrifice opulence today for greater wealth tomorrow.  I sacrifice that greater wealth in order to give back more.  I give back more because it's the virtuous thing to do.  I do the vi