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Living a Life of Non-Societal Obligation Bliss

  Living a Life of Non-Societal Obligation Bliss By Adam Mundorf   Living a Life of Non-Societal Obligation Bliss In modern society, we're judged by how full our schedule is.  There is only so much mental and physical RAM a person has, being pulled in every which direction.  I think that many people fill up their schedule with social obligations just to distract themselves from how unfulfilling their daily life is.  They pay a premium to have a night out, a concert to go to, a movie to attend or even worse to just simply get drunk.  If I spent my life sitting on my ass in a cubicle, taking care of kids and settling down with a girl who is so obviously a step down (look at divorce and cheating statistics), I'd fill my life with empty nonsense too.  If you only knew your true potential to spend time, how you dictated. Time is the one commodity we don't get more of.  Life is about so much more than rushing from activity to activity, thing to thing and obligation to obligation.


Enough By Adam Mundorf Enough Enough is a word that isn't used, well, enough.  In America, we especially have a desire for more.  We want more money, more houses, more cars, more likes, more food and more clothes.  With this comes more bodyfat, more insecurities, more worries, more obligations and more illness.  The word we need to use more is enough.  This spreads into more areas than just mental and physical health.  Enough is about leaving the world a better place. I need to make a stand here.  As I reach out to try to find out where to put my money after I'm long gone, I sit with people who have fancy watches, large houses, nice cars and palatial plots of land.  There is no such thing as a wealthy Christian.  There is no such thing as a virtuous man who consumes much more than what he needs.  There is no such thing as a good man who hoards wealth.  To live for others and the world is a life worth living. When it comes to philanthropy, we shouldn't need to impress people