Spiritual Warfare by Adam Mundorf

Spiritual Warfare

By Adam Mundorf

'Our integrity sells for so little, but it is all we really have.'

Spiritual Warfare
Holding yourself to a higher standard is of the utmost importance.  Let's be completely transparent here, modern day humans are extraordinarily weak.  I don't mean weak only in terms of physical strength but emotional and spiritual fortitude.  We buy things we can't afford.  We don't take responsibility for our actions.  We don't plan for the future in a prudent way both physically or financially (both pieces are equally important).  We complain about problems that aren't really problems at all.  We pursue flesh over dignity.  We look at social media as a source of pride when in reality it is nothing at all.  Many of us are comfortable at living off welfare and taking from our fellow citizens regardless of if you truly need it.

We look back upon saints, heroes, religious figures and people who took the high road with great reverence.  Why don't we aim to emulate them?  Why don't we tell the metaphorical devil to fuck off?  Why do we so easily succumb to the wicked?  We need to be tougher, we need to have fortitude and we need to have some respect for ourselves.  For the flesh is temporary but our soul lives on forever through time and space.  

The Roman Empire fell to a variety of issues, one of the main reasons being moral decay.  America will find the same fate unless we toughen up and reject hedonism.  We must hold true to the ideologies of responsibility, hard work and sacrifice for the greater good.


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