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The Futility of Worry : The Dangers of Social Media : Hearing the Birds Sing

The Futility of Worry The Dangers of Social Media By Adam Mundorf The Futility of Worry Worry is a funny thing especially when you realize that none of 'this' really matters at all. The ancient Stoic philosopher Seneca said that : "We suffer more often in imagination than reality."  Why suffer twice?  This reigns true especially today in the social media age. The Dangers of Social Media Unplug.  Don't be afraid to be without your phone and social media.  I see a troubling trend in the people of today where they are always 'connected' and afraid of being alone.  I find that this is a form of escapism.  Thoughts can be scary when you don't have distractions.  You think you're making meaningful connections through Snaps, Instagram or Twitter but in reality it's all artificial.  All these things just serve as distractions from your life's true purpose of virtue, self improvement and righteousness.  A like here and a like there make your dopamin

Playing the Long Game (Good things Come to Those who Wait) : Lessons from Mentors

  Playing the Long Game Lessons from Mentors By Adam Mundorf Playing the Long Game (Good things Come to Those who Wait) The power of playing the long game.  In my life I have had many mentors, namely : Steve Maxwell (One of the First American Gracie BJJ Blackbelts) , Jack Bogle (Founder of the Vanguard Group), Ori Hofmekler (Pioneer of Intermittent Fasting) and Ken Fulmer (CEO of Urban Engineers Inc). You will notice that none of the above men are beneath the age of 50 and most are over the age of 60.  These are the people you want to listen to.  Life does things to a person that can only be taken into consideration when experienced.  Listening to 20 somethings (who are full of themselves) doesn't do anyone any good.  They don't know the true rigors of aging, life and what truly leads to a fulfilling life.  It's only with age you begin to realize what truly matters and all the garbage you worried about in your younger years never mattered at all.  Growing old is a blessing

More Yesterdays than Tomorrows : Lives of Quiet Desperation : The Man in the Mirror

  More Yesterdays than Tomorrows By Adam Mundorf More Yesterdays than Tomorrows No matter how much you try, you can't beat the clock.  Life and time continues to advance whether you're ready or not.  As one grows older, you begin to have more yesterday's than tomorrow's.  Live in the present, enjoying the simple things.  Realize that materialism is temporary but a content soul is forever.  Remember to leave the world better than you found it and to be virtuous in all that you do. My old stomping grounds of consumerism. Lives of Quiet Desperation How many people have I seen live for others or society at the expense of themselves?  So, so many.  Back when I worked consistently in corporate America, I noticed people were living lives of quiet desperation.  Their souls were screaming as were their physical bodies.  Their waistlines are expanding, their joints are inflamed, they pick up harmful habits and become dull souls.  Only the old realized that the whole time :  Every

The Maturity of an Apology and The Death of Your Ego

The Maturity of an Apology Death of Your Ego By Adam Mundorf The Maturity of an Apology Ever since we were children we were taught to apologize.  We stole a toy or hurt another person : Go over there and apologize.  Somewhere along the way, people forgot this lesson or are simply too prideful to do it.  There is a sort of space on the internet where apologizing shows weakness.... I think the opposite is true.  Being able to admit your wrongs, putting your ego in your back pocket and offering a sincere apology shows that you're cognizant of your mistake.  It shows that you don't live a life with the intention to hurt others but sometimes it indirectly happens, as it does to all of us.  The ability to admit when one is wrong is a hallmark of a mature and stable individual. The Death of Your Ego The ego of a fragile individual is a touchy subject.  Almost all of life's struggle and conflicts can be brought back to how highly you think of yourself.  Someone insults you, turn th