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Company Parties

Walk Beside Me not Behind Me

The 'Christian' CEO's

By Adam Mundorf

'True leading is sacrifice, not privilege.'

Company Parties
What a kick in the face company parties are.  No money for raises but money for lavish and extravagant parties?  Cutting hours but have money for banquets?  Seems a bit hypocritical doesn't it?  A rising tide raises all ships and all these silly parties do is drain the ocean.  Lets be honest, most people want the cash because we have bills and actual expenses that aren't solved with a pizza party or catered dinner.  We have goals and aspirations where an extra 20 bucks can provide dividends into the future.  Skip the party and distribute the cash.  Your employees will love that more than any party you could throw.  Quite frankly, it's insulting that a company could even throw a party while simultaneously cutting hours.  What a kick in the nuts.  

Walk Beside Me not Behind Me
A big home, big yard and nice car is the hallmark of a modern day boss or CEO.  A HUD house, no yard and a good pair of sneakers is the hallmark of a modern day employee or shift manager.  Something is wrong.  This goes doubly so for the 'Christian' CEO's out there.  When an employee comes under your roof, you have a responsibility to a human being.  You are the provider for this employee.  You must do everything in your power to ensure this person's success.  The true CEO and leader is a man of sacrifice.  If my employees live in poverty, so will I.  If my employees can't afford a car, neither am I.  If my employees can't afford life, I will sacrifice my wants so they can.  This is the hallmark of a true leader.  A true leader doesn't throw parties while simultaneously laying somebody off.  A true leader doesn't have a house in Bermuda, while the single mom is struggling to feed her child.  A true leader doesn't keep the bonus for himself, when the employees can't keep the lights on.  You don't deserve opulence, nobody does.  For what?  

The Christian CEO's
For all the 'Christian' CEO's out there, what's better than seeing the success of others?  What's more satisfying than sending an employee's kid to college?  What's better than providing affordable health care to all employees.  What's better than planting a tree so others may sit in the shade?  Nothing is better because a rising tide raises all ships and life is about so much more than accumulation.  Being an example in this day and age, takes sacrifice and the death of ego.  Put your money where your mouth is rather than playing lip service with the Christian image.  

Nothing I hate more than a biblical hypocrite.  Fuck them and everything they stand for.  

The true leader says : "Walk beside me, not behind me."

You are a shepherd for others and have a responsibility to all under you.  Start showing it through sacrifice and putting yourself last.


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