Your Body's 401k


Your Body's 401k

By Adam Mundorf

People think you're crazy when you wake up and change your life.

Your Body's 401k
The obsession with money is misguided.  You don't need nearly as much as you think you do and if you have crazy aspirations for your money like mansions, Lamborghini and expensive tastes, your health will need to take a backseat in most cases.  Many readers of this blog know that I know a lot about the foundations of personal finance and investing.  What my many hours and possibly years of reading has led me to, is that health is wealth.  All that stressing, sitting and lack of true intrinsic fulfillment leads to a quite frankly, sad end of life.  People act like nursing homes, limping around, fat body and skinny arms is the only way to end up.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  I can run out of fingers and toes, thinking of examples of millionaires I personally know, who said they wished they took care of their health.  They have nice stuff but can't even enjoy it because of their lack of vigor. They're spending an absolute fortune in their 'golden years' unraveling the years of poor health habits they ingrained.  Oftentimes it's far too late. Healthcare is  the largest expense in retirement by far for the majority of people.  You don't need pills, medicines or doctors if you generally take care of your health through your younger years.  I'm not anti medicine, I'm anti the majority of western medicine.  They treat the symptoms and not the cause in most cases.  For sure, if someone had cancer, a broken arm or a life threatening injury go to the hospital and get treatment.

So, long story short.  Take care of your health and aim to max out your body's retirement plan every year.  I'm not saying money is not important, it is but if you truly want to be healthy, massive accumulation is not the answer.  It is the man who wants the least who has the most.  Simplify your wants and your needs. Below I will list the ten commandments of your body's 401k :
  1. Strength Train.
  2. Don't eat for 12 to 20 hours a day (this includes sleep)
  3. Perform Daily Joint Mobility
  4. Stretch before Bed and Hang from a Pull-Up Bar
  5. Get 10,000 steps per day
  6. Don't be afraid to be alone.
  7. Breathe nasally almost all of the time
  8. Pray or meditate on whatever you believe in
  9. Perform acts of kindness but do not broadcast your kindness
  10. Find humor in everything no matter how depraved, brutal or sad.
Finally, don't listen to those who got or have it all wrong.  People think you're crazy when you wake up and change your life.  As always, I love hearing feedback through texts, phone calls, Reddit or whatever.  Healthy discourse is what allows us to thrive as a nation and individuals.

Thank you for reading.


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