I Love the Supreme Courts Decisions : Toe the Line : Right to Refuse : Abortion : Affirmative Action : Harmful Culture : Quote from Swami

I Love the Supreme Courts Decisions

Toe the Line - Right to Refuse - Abortion - Affirmative Action - Harmful Cultures - Quote from Swami

By Adam Mundorf

I Love the Supreme Courts Decisions
Man, call me a bigot but I love each and everyone of the supreme court's recent decisions.  I'll explain my viewpoints in the following paragraphs.  Hopefully, I can change your mind about something or you may already hold my viewpoints.  I have found that privately people agree but publicly they wouldn't dare, for free of retribution.  If we as Americans, can't hold opposing views and still be civil, what hope do we have of progress?  Anywho, enjoy the following....

Toe the Line
Wake up and smell the roses.  I have no fear, no anxiety and never look over my shoulder.  Why do you ask?  I toe the line.  I pay my taxes.  I follow the rules.  I follow the laws.  I follow the rules and laws while expecting everybody else to do the same. Life is extremely peaceful this way.  Those who don't do the above, fall into trouble seemingly without effort.  Have you ever tried just to 'toe the line'?

Right to Refuse
I think that every single company should have the right to refuse service to anybody the want even if it's based on color, gender, sexual orientation or age etc.  It becomes a self cleansing system.  Those who refuse service will be exposed and go out of business while those who accept business regardless of those attributes will flourish because the consumer votes with his wallet.  This goes doubly so these days because of the power and reach of social media.

Listen, it's no secret that I'm against the majority of people having children BUT not through abortions.  It is not a get out of jail free card.  Through wearing/using protections, thinking rationally and choosing your partner carefully.  Getting pregnant is a byproduct of sex, end of story.  Before engaging in this activity, you need to take into account what the repercussions could be and that is a soul being created.  There are three situations where I believe abortion is warranted : rape, health of the mother at jeopardy and/or something to do with people under the age of 16.  Before I get the always follow up comment of "Well, protection doesn't always work!"  Of course not always but lets be honest, it works like 99% of the time.  Nothing is completely effective.  Stop shifting blame to Trojan condoms or your inability to remember to take a pill and take some accountability. 

Affirmative Action
To say that underrepresented people can't be judged by purely merit is disrespectful and quite frankly belittling.  They can be held to the same standards as everybody else and are more than capable of meeting the standards.  Some of the most entrepreneurial, intelligent and hard working people I know are minorities.  They got there strictly by merit and their own unrelenting efforts to rise above 'affirmative action'.  Imagine thinking that you got a job, not because you tried your best and are intelligent but because they needed another certain kind of person on their team to seem 'diverse'.  Doesn't feel very great does it?

Harmful Culture
This one might rustle some jimmies but hey sometimes the hard conversations need to be had for progress to happen.  There is no point in listening or taking advice from those who have/had it all wrong.  Oftentimes misery loves company.  That can be your friends, neighbors, family and even those who look and act exactly like you.  It's okay to say that certain groups of people aren't as smart, capable or willing to perform well.  While there are pieces of shit of all ethnicities, sexual orientation and colors - some ethnicities/colors/sexual orientations just simply have a more virtuous and productive culture as a whole leading to better income plus more job opportunities.  They can scream victim and oppression all they want but at the end of the day accountability begins in the mirror and at home with the parents/culture.  For these victimhood individuals it will take them two to three generations of a persistent culture shift and purging the individuals that promote harmful culture, to make a better life and opportunity for their families.


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