What I Learned from 29 to 30

What I learned from 29 to 30

By Adam Mundorf

What I Learned from 29 to 30
Hm, welp another year has passed and my life couldn't be better.  I am in good health, money in the bank and a roof over my head.  The above things are due to my decisions and actions.  Not once have I worried about an invading nation, a famine, a drought or where my next meal was coming from.  The above things have to do with luck.  The biggest lesson I learned was that our problems aren't really problems at all.  Growing up and living in America is living life on easy mode provided you don't self harm yourself through bad decisions.  We obviously don't all grow up with the same opportunities provided to us BUT if we take responsibility for our actions, realize we start where we are, we can become anything we want.

Things aren't perfect but America is pretty darn close.  There is a reason why there are endless lines of people trying to get in but so few are trying to leave.

To sum it up 29 to 30 taught me : Gratitude, responsibility for one's action, making better actions in the future and not crying over past mistakes is what one requires to build a better life.  You need to start where you are because at this moment you are the oldest and youngest you will ever be.


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