It Will Take Years - Not Weeks : Be Kind to Yourself and Have Patience

It Will Take Years - Not Weeks 

Be Kind to Yourself and Have Patience

By Adam Mundorf

It Will Take Years - Not Weeks
When, it comes to improving your life, people overestimate what they can do in weeks but underestimate what can be achieved in a year.  To make meaningful progress in any facet of life will take time, effort and patience.  Rome was not built in a day and it most certainly wasn't destroyed in one either.  All of the above also requires that you be kind to yourself.  Let me explain.  

Be Kind to Yourself and Have Patience
I oftentimes see people get very discouraged with weight loss or getting out of financial debt.  When I ask how long they've been working on their problems, they will tell me a week or even a month.  I say that is not enough time.  You did not gain that weight over the course of weeks but probably years.  The same goes for debt.  You did not max out the credit cards over the course of weeks but probably years of bad financial decisions put you in this situation.  So, be kind to yourself.  Make small measurable changes.  Realize that the only thing that matters is that you keep on moving forward and sometimes it may not seem like you're moving at all.  Progress is very rarely a straight line up.  It plateaus, slopes down, creeps up but then right at the lowest you catapult to a new peak.  Higher than you ever were before.

Be kind to yourself and have patience.  A year from now, you'll be in a better place because you knew the reality of progress and learned that consistency trumps intensity.  You just need to keep on going and plan the work and work the plan.

"It has been said that the strength of a man’s character is defined not by the intensity of his emotion but by its duration."  -- Pavel Tsatsouline


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