You Might as Well be Dead Already : Find YOUR Path

You Might as Well be Dead Already

Find YOUR Path

By Adam Mundorf

You Might as Well be Dead Already
When I look at the average person in daily life, I see the walking dead.  People who listened to the lies and bill of goods that were sold to them by their parents or society.  They live life on the 'paved road to success', which leaves them empty and full of dead dreams.  We have all heard the saying that 'Misery Loves Company' and I find that to be true when it comes to many people in daily life.  People want you to be in the same boring boat that they are in. Really, think about those in your life who you are taking advice from.  Do you REALLY want to end up like them or are you allowing emotion to cloud rational judgement?  Eventually a person has to look in the mirror and realize that the person you see is the only one responsible for where you end up in life.  Your life once you reach adulthood is a culmination of your actions, decisions and thoughts.

Find YOUR Path
I implore you, to set your own standard and to begin to form your life into your own vision of what a well lived life should look like.  Not what your parents, girlfriends, friends or mentors say but what YOU say it should look like.  The person you ultimately face in the end is yourself.  Live life with no fear, be prudent and create a life that you will not regret.  

Die content.


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