Do Your Best and Leave the Rest

Do Your Best and Leave the Rest

By Adam Mundorf

Do Your Best and Leave the Rest
I'm beginning to see a troubling trend of people putting their health, their worth and their serenity at risk for a simple job or career.  Now, I'm not saying don't try at your job, of course try your best but do that and nothing more.  Once you give your best, you have nothing left to give.  Your best will be different from day to day and that's okay.

It just pains me to see people who gave up drugs to begin once again because of 'stress'.  It pains me to see people gain grotesque amounts of weight because work is stressing them out.  It pains me to see people stress out over something that in the long term, doesn't matter all that much.  It pains me to see people's health fail due to stress.  We all know that if we happen to die one day (which we all will), our job will be posted the next day and the world will go on without a second thought.

Your health is wealth, never allow your job or career to get in the way of that.

Please,  just do your best and leave the rest.  Enjoy the time that you have to yourself for time is the one thing that we never get more of.  Remember that true happiness doesn't come from a job, a boss or a career but simply from within and your ability to be happy regardless of what life throws at you.

Thank you for reading.


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