Living a Life of Non-Societal Obligation Bliss


Living a Life of Non-Societal Obligation Bliss

By Adam Mundorf  

Living a Life of Non-Societal Obligation Bliss
In modern society, we're judged by how full our schedule is.  There is only so much mental and physical RAM a person has, being pulled in every which direction.  I think that many people fill up their schedule with social obligations just to distract themselves from how unfulfilling their daily life is.  They pay a premium to have a night out, a concert to go to, a movie to attend or even worse to just simply get drunk.  If I spent my life sitting on my ass in a cubicle, taking care of kids and settling down with a girl who is so obviously a step down (look at divorce and cheating statistics), I'd fill my life with empty nonsense too.  If you only knew your true potential to spend time, how you dictated.

Time is the one commodity we don't get more of.  Life is about so much more than rushing from activity to activity, thing to thing and obligation to obligation.  It's okay to say no and spend time alone.  You owe  people absolutely nothing and you never need an excuse.  It's simply bliss knowing that you have nobody to answer too and nobody to impress.  You live life on your own accord.  Now, a large part of this is making the right decision from the get-go.  Not making any large mistakes that will allow society to dictate your life, the biggest ones are as follows :
  1. Marrying someone who isn't congruent with your values and life.
  2. Getting into insurmountable debt.
  3. Drug Addiction.
  4. Choosing a Lifestyle, that make you a slave to the paycheck.
  5. Choosing friends that lead you down bad roads.
But of course, there's no sense crying over split milk.  What's done is done, we must regroup and move on.  The past has already happened, the future hasn't happened yet so all we have is right now.

Live for yourself and in turn you live longterm for others.  It's okay to be selfish with your time and it's okay to say no without having an excuse.  It's okay to ruthlessly prune those who are not congruent with your lifestyle.  Be an individual.

Tactically retreat, regroup and offensively attack life.


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