Standing on the Shoulders of Giants : My Next Decade in Physical Training : Simplicity Is King (Synopsis of a Decade)


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

My Next Decade in Training

Simplicity is King (Synopsis of a Decade)

By Adam Mundorf

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Physical training has been a mainstay in my life for a decade now.  Throughout these years, I have gleaned so much information about longevity, strength, health and hypertrophy that my mind often wants to explode.  A person only has so much energy to expend and so much mental RAM to apply to their lives.  Luckily for us there are people that have paved the way for us.  We all have our gurus and people we look to for inspiration or information.  The ones that have influenced my life in the areas of strength and conditioning the most are :
  1. Al Kavadlo
  2. Danny Kavadlo
  3. Coach Paul Wade 
  4. Steve Maxwell
  5. Pavel Tsatsouline
  6. Dan John
  7. Ori Hofmekler
I stand upon the shoulders of these giants.  I am at a pivotal point in my training life.  My financial life is handled.  My quest for a virtuous and spiritual life is sound.  The only thing to do now is preserve my human body.  This June I will be turning 30.  While 30 in the grand scheme of things is rather young and I have an extremely optimistic view on aging this is where the body becomes less forgiving and your peers begin to drop off.  People become lethargic, comfortable with societal obligations, marrying incompatible spouses who say let's be unhealthy together and just get too wrapped up in the material world.  They forget that health is wealth and balance is key.  I've spent the last decade on 'random acts of variety' but now I must focus.  I've spent the last decade jumping from program to program, from thing to thing, from coach to coach and each time I've gleaned something beneficial.  What follows is the culmination of the 'beaten path'.  This is the path forward that makes the most sense to me to take me from 30 to 40 years of age, quite possibly beyond.

My Next Decade in Physical Training
Luckily for us a few of the above gentlemen have written programs that are simple to follow but effective.  Will there be some roadblocks along the way?  Yeah, probably but that's called life....
My ideal training progression will be like this :
  1. Get Strong Transformation Challenge
  2. Simple and Sinister 2.0 through Timed Simple
    1. Use the Get Strong Phase 4 Test as a Jolt.
  3. Enter the Kettlebell : Rite of Passage
    1. Using Simple and Sinister as Variety Day.
  4. Return to Simple and Sinister for Sinister Standard
  5. Return of the Kettlebell
  6. Barbell Work (Powerlifting Movements)
Simplicity is King (Synopsis of a Decade)
There has been a constant theme in my decade of 20 to 30 and that is 'simplicity is king'.  The majority of life's problems are simple to solve but many forget that simple never meant easy.  This following list is an inch wide but a mile deep.
  • Physical
    • Daily Joint Mobility
    • Strength Training
    • Daily Stretching
    • Daily Intermittent Fasting
    • 10,000 Steps per Day
    • Avoid alcohol, drugs and tobacco
  • Financial
    • Budget
    • Save
    • Invest
  • Mental
    • If with a partner refrain from self pleasure and pornography.
    • Find Humor in Absolutely Everything
    • Live with the future in mind but not without being present.
Thank you for Reading,

Adam Mundorf


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