Parental Idolatry

Parental Idolatry

By Adam Mundorf

Parental Idolatry
Oftentimes people will idolize their parents as how to live their own life.  It's understandable to a certain extent as they were there since the beginning of your life.  Children are like sponges.  Whatever you knew was taught and reinforced by your parents.  As one grows older, they need to create their own space and create their own philosophies, even if that means magnifying your parents mistakes.

Why listen to those who got it all wrong?

I see many friends and family just take their families advice to heart.  Here are some real life examples I've observed in my life :  
  • The mom is twice divorced but none of them were her fault and she can't seem to make a relationship work.
  • The dad is sick due to the fault of his own lifestyle. 
  • The mom is taking anxiety medication and is a nervous wreck.
  • The father gets angry at any small discrepancy or inconvenience.
  • The parents sleep in separate houses or rooms because they can't actually stand one another.
  • The parents kept their family on the move because their houses kept on being foreclosed upon.
  • The parents pride themselves on being 'street'.
It's only as you grow older that you learn that your parents probably didn't know much at all.  Are they where you want to be in life at their age?  It's hard to admit the faults of your parents but if you truly want to find happiness, you must learn how to think independently and come to your own conclusions.

Misery loves company and I think that much advice from parents fits the bill, even though the parents may never acknowledge it.


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