What I Believe Happens After Death : My Conundrum of Good and Evil/The Predestination Theory

What I Believe Happens After Death

By Adam Mundorf

What's the worst thing that a person can imagine?  Oftentimes it's death, even though it's called the great unknown.  Nobody knows what happens after this life, it could end up being the greatest ever.  In the following passage, I'll give my idea on what happens after death.

What I Believe Happens After Death
Let's start with birth and death.  One day we just started remembering and doing.  We became an easily malleable soul.  What was before that?  Nothing that we know of.  In a way, death is just as natural as birth.  It happens at different times, in different ways and oftentimes not at an ideal time.  

As with anything in life, everything is connected and everything matters.  A butterfly effect of things change events around the world and for eternity, no matter how insignificant.  I dropped a pencil in New Jersey in 2003 and it caused a Chinese man to get run over by a bus in 2020.  Einstein said that energy can't be created nor destroyed, so your essence or your energy needs to go somewhere.  I believe that when we die, our energy bleeds into our next existence.  A form of reincarnation is the thing that makes sense to me.  One day I was born and my life began, before that there was nothing.  One day my eyes will open again and I will be a soul once again.  No recollection of my past life but reaping the benefits of my former virtuous life.  Where good was done and the good energy paves the way forward into my new existence, constantly inching me closer to the eternal goal.

My belief is that we keep on recycling our energy until we reach a state of nirvana.  Essentially, we become God ourselves with the capability of resting for eternity in eternal bliss.  You will notice the absence of heaven or hell.  I don't believe people are damned or saved, I'll speak about this in the next passage.

My Conundrum of Good and Evil/Pre-Destination Theory
In order for there to be a Jesus, there had to be a Judas.  There had to be a Pontius Pilate to wash his hands of blood.  In order for there to be good, there must be evil.  Who is to say that the evil man, isn't doing exactly as he was predestined to do?  He is allowing another to be good.  If the hypothetical God knows all, then he already knows if we will end up in Heaven or Hell.   What's the point of sitting in pews and attending sermons, if our whole life is already predetermined?

Honestly, I don't know but I do know one thing for sure.  Our energy will persist for eternity.  The essence of who we are will outlive the Earth, floating in the cosmos.  I want my energy to be good and pure.  I don't think that evil souls get much rest but who the fuck knows because evil needs to be present for there to be good.  Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.  I'm getting riled up just writing this because nobody knows and there's no way to verify.  

Anyways, thank you for reading and I appreciate the emails and messages I receive both here and on Reddit.


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