Waste : How many Chairs can One Man Sit In?


How Many Chairs Can One Man Sit In?

By Adam Mundorf

Man, if there's one thing in life I despise it's waste.  People who buy too much and throw so much away.  What bothers me most is the waste of animal products.  Not only are you killing a living thing, you're wasting it's carcass and wasting money on the meat.  Waste implies that you are taking more than your fair share from the universe.  It's an extremely selfish act to waste and one that I believe comes with some karmic repercussions.  It's that mindset that you just need more and more.  More food, more money, more things, more alcohol and more drugs.  If you have food, water and shelter : How much more do you truly NEED?

How Many Chairs Can One Man Sit In?
How many chairs can one man sit in and is it virtuous to have more than your fair share?  I can see accumulating money with the sole purpose of doing great deeds with it.  At the end of the day, money gets people fed and wells built while good vibes/prayers do nothing.  The more you don't waste today, the more you can give to others in need.  If this whole thing hasn't been about leaving the world better than you found it, what has this all been about?  Just accumulating more and more and more?  I think not......

Anyone can have 'things' and money but true prosperity and wealth, is dying knowing that you left the world much much better than you found it.  As Johnny Cash once said : "You can have it all.  My empire of dirt."  It all goes to dirt in the end but good deeds and virtuous living echo through eternity.


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