My Aversion to Mindless Dopamine Activites

My Aversion to Mindless Dopamine Activities

By Adam Mundorf

Adam, you're no fun.  This is often said when people find out that I don't go out much, use social media, smoke weed, drink alcohol and avoid promiscuity in all forms.  I have an aversion to the above dopamine dominant activities.  I find great inner peace in living life raw and being in the present.  When you begin limiting or preferably eliminating the above activities, the simple things in life begin granting limitless joy.  

What does social media/weed/alcohol/promiscuity offer that I cannot find within myself?  

Social media isn't real life and only distracts people from true self expression.  Focusing on likes/public opinion stunts spiritual growth.  Putting up a filtered photo shows an unhappiness with the truth of who you really are and constant contact with others shows one's fear of solitude.  Some of the most self  absorbed yet insecure people are products of the social media generation.  Always snapping, texting, posturing and getting a right angle for a photo.  Can't put the phone down for a minute let alone a day.  Constant entertainment beats down the enjoyment of a simple life.  Your life will never match up to the imaginary life of social media.

Alcohol offers nothing of value to the average person. A matter of fact the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation just came out with a study that : "People under the age of 40 start risking their health if they consume any more than two teaspoons of wine or two and a half tablespoons of beer per day, a new study suggests."   I try my best to warn kids about the danger of alcohol, it's a net negative.  Anything that has you not in your present mind destroys self improvement.  Never start a habit where people say they wish they never started at all.  There is no benefit to alcohol, it makes people act foolish and slightly poison the body every time you drink it.

Weed is another problem all together.  People say that they need it to help them relax.  What has you so stressed?  Is it the fact you live in a first world country with all the amenities?  Is it the fact the world is your oyster when it comes to entrepreneurial pursuits and job seeking?  Is it the fact you are reading this on a thousand dollar device you carry in your pocket?  Not to mention the fact that all the people I see who smoke weed, turn into human shells that aren't present. Hello?  Is there anyone there?  Get with it, time passes you by and you're living in the clouds.  It gets even worse when the people who don't have two pennies to rub together or who use EBT somehow have money for weed, perfect.... Real role model you're being for your kids, loser.  The kid will probably grow up and think his parents are retarded provided he doesn't become a product of his/her home.

Let me be clear about promiscuity, I don't mean having loving sex with a girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband.  What I mean by promiscuity is having sex with anybody just because they are physically attractive, because you feel empty inside or because you just can't be alone.   I also include masturbation and pornography in the promiscuity section.  I believe that sexual energy is the most powerful force in the world. Most people should be cultivating that energy and pouring it into their lives.  Not wasting it on average people with whom you have no meaningful connection with.  Not wasting it on pixels on a screen with your dick in your hand. Nothing is more revolting than a woman or man who 'gets around'.  Disgusting.  I have a complete and udder disdain for whores both men and women.  I just see shells of people who have wasted their most vital energy.  It becomes even worse because I know I can buy any woman I want.  They just simply aren't worth it and the majority of them (in relationships or not) are easily bought.  Women crave things and a comfortable/cushy life.  Too bad they peak at age 23.  Sorry for ranting but these "men" chase some grade D pussy, when I could plop down college tuition/sports car and have anyone I want.  I'm just too virtuous and pure to do that.

The world keeps on turning and will you be here or elsewhere?  Be comfortable with being alone and give up your vices.  Focus on self improvement and the quest for a virtuous life.  Become joyous at the simple things in life : the simple cup of coffee, hearing the birds sing (take out the airpods), have technology free days, spend time just thinking and take time to journal.  Be single and sex less for some time, pour all of that overflowing energy into artistic and lifetime pursuits.  Sex will always be there for the highest bidder.

You may be asking yourself : "Does Adam think he's better than me?"  I am better than you.  I focus on being pure while the rest of the world devolves into hedonism.  It's only going to get worse, follow me and you'll never be left in the dark.


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