Life Isn't Hard in America : Low Life Criminals : Public Executions

Life Isn't Hard in America

Low Life Criminals : Public Executions

By Adam Mundorf

Life Isn't Hard in America
Where else in the world can you go from zero to hero over the course of a lifetime?  Why are there lines to get into this country but aren't lines to leave?  Are we perfect?  Absolutely not, but this is the best bet we have.  How many times have you worried about a bombing?  How many times have you worried about a famine?  How many times have you worried about running water?  How many times have you worried about being beheaded?  Never.

You can't dictate where you start, but you certainly can decide where you finish.  People act like life is so unfathomably hard in this country.  I find that the majority of life's ailments especially in America are self-inflicted.  I can't begin to tell you how peaceful and fruitful my life has been not being a piece of shit.  I don't do drugs.  Not once have I even considered heroin.  I don't commit crimes or hurt others.  I don't fuck everything and have children that I'm not ready for.  I don't drink to excess and act like everything is fine.  I don't spend money I don't have and invest for the future.  I take care of my body.  Funny how I seem to have ZERO issues.  Try being better and taking responsibility for a change instead of being a victim.

Am I the luckiest man in the world?  I certainly feel like it but most of it I attribute to being virtuous and an upstanding member of society.  Not a criminal or low life coward who takes what isn't theirs, be that a life or an item.

Low Life Criminals : Public Executions
I think it's time that the good people in society, push back harder against those who take from society without giving back.  Those who want to impede prosperity and prevent others from reaping the benefits of a capitalistic society.  If it was up to me, all violent criminals would be executed immediately and publicly for all to see.  You purposely take a life without explicit reason, you forfeit your own.  You sell drugs or pollute the streets with harmful products, you fight in the coliseum until death or if you win, fuck it, I'll let you out.



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