It Doesn't Get Easier - Start Now - The Four Pillars of Life

It Doesn't Get Easier

By Adam Mundorf

It Doesn't Get Easier
It doesn't get easier.  Procrastination kills the future self.  You may have heard the phrase : "The best time to plant a tree was yesterday but the second best time is right now."  I hear and see many people procrastinate everything from saving money to retirement investing to physical fitness.  The clock keeps on ticking whether you're complicit in self improvement or not.

Start Now
Start now and don't wait another second.  Life has a habit of pulling people along.  I believe life can pretty much be divided into four main categories : Physical Fitness, Nutrition, Finances and Mental Health.  This is honestly a pretty good list, most of it is recommended by people far older and wiser than me.  Just remember that while we search for the perfect routine, it's the doing that always provides results.  When you don't know what you believe in, everything becomes an argument.  Believe in this list and it will pay off in spades.

The Four Pillars of Life
  • Physical Fitness
    • Go to StrongFirst and follow the directions.
    • Start logging 10,000 steps per day.
    • Weight yourself every morning.
  • Nutrition
    • Cut out processed sugar and drink water.
    • Begin eating like an adult.
    • Find an eating style that makes sense and is conducive to your lifestyle.
  • Financial
  • Mental
    • Cut out pornography and masturbation.
    • Begin meditating before bed using binaural beats.
    • Improve the quality of your thoughts.
    • Pick up a book like the Daily Stoic and read a passage before bed.
    • Stop comparing yourself to others.  Who compares, who cares?
    • Be a virtuous person above all else.

In the wise words of Nate Dogg : "I've been to the motherfuckin' mountain top.  Heard motherfuckers talk, seen 'em drop."

I've been to the mountain top and now my job is to lead others to the top......


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