FIRE : The Quest for a Perfect Day : Why I'm not Retired Anymore


The Quest for a Perfect Day

Why I'm not Retired Anymore

By Adam Mundorf

Some of you reading this blog may be familiar with the concept of FIRE because you found me through the personal finance communities.  Fire in the online community means : Financially Independent Retired Early.  I reached my FIRE number in early 2018 after many years of straight up work plus saving and investing my hard earned money.  Experimented with early retirement and went on my quest for the perfect day.  It's important to realize that the man you see in everyday life, is not the man I am at home.  I'm deathly serious at home and am a person with purpose, I'll give you a peak into the life of a younger man with options.

The Quest for a Perfect Day
Imagine waking up with nothing to do and having your life set out in front of you.  That was me in 2018.  I had enough money in the bank (still do) and could go anywhere/do anything.  I experimented with many schedules and came up with my version of the perfect day :  I wake up and go to the bathroom.  Weigh myself and then brush my teeth (yes I do this), I have a health condition that can cause halitosis.  I was also diagnosed with halitophobia a few years ago.  It's an ongoing battle but one I'm winning (Just had to get that off my chest).  I then shower and begin brewing a pot of coffee.  I let my dog out and did some joint mobility drills on the porch.  Run around with the dog, playing games like tug of war and fetch.  By this point my coffee is finished and I pour myself a glass.  All of this is done before 8 am.  I then spend the morning, sipping on coffee and reading.  Reading could be news articles or my favorite finance articles.  I then go on a short walk around the local cemetery, grateful that I am still here and viable.  Things can be much worse than normal.  I then take a short walk to the local church and see if they need any assistance in the community.  I visit the elderly and help them with manual labor jobs around their homes.  I'm not expecting money but a 20 dollar tip doesn't hurt.  By this point it is early afternoon and the day is still long.  I come home and do chores around the house.  That can be lawn work or just simply straightening up.  I go outside with my dog to check on my vegetables and fruits.  It's hitting late evening, time to get some strength training in.  I begin by drinking a kombucha, doing some joint circling and feeling the grass between my toes.  I then begin my workout of slow, high tension repetitions.  No phone, no earbuds and no music.  Just the sound of the birds chirping and the beating of my heart.  I finished the workout, tired but feeling good.   Time to enjoy some fresh whole milk yogurt from the local farm.  I have three cups of these with pure maple syrup spread out  every half an hour while sitting on the porch with my dog.  It's now about 6 pm and time for my evening meal.  I've spent the whole day fasting until the yogurts so my body is ready for the nutrients.  I have a large fresh salad full of greens.  Followed by a small bowl of steamed vegetables.  I then have a good protein source, could be eggs, fish, tortillas with hummus or even pizza.  By this point it's probably around 9 pm.  Time to wind down for the night by playing some video games, taking my nightly vitamins, showering and brushing my teeth before bed.  Before bed I do some light stretching, read my daily Stoic, listen to binaural beats and meditate before actually going to sleep.  Then I sleep soundly and do it all over again.

Why I'm not Retired Anymore
I did the above for a few years.  Along the way things just felt wrong to be so young and be so unproductive.  I felt strange answering questions to others who didn't understand how someone so young could be so wealthy?  Some people are jealous while others are dismissive.  I did ALOT of thinking over these years and came to the realization that my purpose is to leave much behind for others.   I couldn't see myself doing the above starting from this young age to old age.  The more I save and invest today, the more that society could benefit from in the future.  I can send kids to college, provide food for the local people and a place of sanctuary for those without one.  This is my goal and this is my purpose.  I want to lead others to the light and out of the cave of life exactly as Plato said in the 'Allegory of the Cave'.  For the above is the way to a virtuous life and a way to die in peace, knowing you did what you could to leave the world better than when you found it.

Think of me, I'll never break your heart
Think of me, you're always in the dark
I am your light, your light, your light
Think of me, you're never in the dark

With me you're never in the dark......I will be your light through life.


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