The Fallacy of Thoughts and Prayers

The Fallacy of Thoughts and Prayers

By Adam Mundorf 

We've all heard or seen it.  The person changes their profile picture to a photo of the Ukraine flag, black lives matter square or we stand with (insert tragedy), acting as if they really care.  All this serves as is a plea for attention.  Look at me!  Look at me!  Give me attention!  It's almost as useless as saying 'thoughts and prayers'.  Either get involved directly or not at all.  Virtue signaling does nothing except show selfishness and superiority.  You're really doing a lot by changing your profile picture from the comfort of your 1st world country living room.  'Hand on heart' So brave!  Only kidding, read the following scenarios and realize that your thoughts and prayers are futile.

  1. Thoughts and prayers don't build wells in Africa.
    1. Hard work, money, sweat and influence does.
  2. Thoughts and prayers don't fix a war in Ukraine.
    1. Lives, blood, money and sacrifice does.
  3. Thoughts and prayers don't fix one's financial life.
    1. Hard work, budgeting, investing and sound decisions does.
  4. Thoughts and prayers don't improve your community.
    1. Action, running for office and volunteering does.
Thoughts and prayers only allow the 'do nothing' to feel as if they've 'done something'.  When in reality they have done nothing at all except draw attention to themselves.......

You want to make a change?  Be involved.  Sacrifice today, so that others can live better tomorrow.  Pass up your quality of life, so that others can live a better life than you did.  Get your hands dirty, donate money or volunteer.  Don't just pay lip service but deliver with actions.  Pass up the Porsche or house in Miami so the kid from down the street can go to college and hopefully pass on a legacy.   A quote from House of Cards comes to mind : "Money is the mansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart in 10 years.  Power (positively influencing others) is the old stone building that stands for centuries.  I cannot respect someone who doesn't see the difference."

I'll leave you with a quote from my favorite band Marina and the Diamonds song 'Guilty' :

Guilty on the run
And I know what I have done
Guilty on the run
And I'm never forgiven

Don't be left with guilt on your death bed.  You'll wish you got your hands dirtier instead of doing the bare minimum to help others.  We all pay the piper, it's just a matter of time until the rooster comes home to roost.  Face your death with a heart pure of intention and rife with fatigue from tirelessly leaving the world better than you found it.


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