Life is a Circus : Dying a Clown

Life is a Circus

Dying a Clown

By Adam Mundorf

Life is a circus.  I like to picture the average person as a performer beginning a juggling routine.  As children you begin with just one pin.  You only need to focus on one goal, be a good child.  As one ages more and more pins start dropping into the routine.  Most of them self inflicted but many of them enforced through societal norms.  A person only has so much mental and physical RAM.  Find your values and only juggle those pins.  You may have heard the phrase : "Chase two rabbits, you will always go hungry."  That is very applicable here.

To make matters worse, if you never learn this lesson early on, you die a clown....Worrying about pins that never mattered at all.  The only pins that matter are those that create a virtuous life and bring you nearer to true inner peace.  Not the type of peace that can be bought but the one that lifts your soul up to the heavens.  The smell of the cut grass on a nice spring day with the sun shining, as the warmth floods your skin, the birds chirping and you can smile knowing you've always done the right thing.  No dark cloud of regret or remorse hangs over you.  Maybe it sounds too good to be true?  Well.....maybe that's how life should be.

The best way to drop the pins of life is to spend time alone.  It's how you find out who you truly are and who you want to be.  I'l leave you with this quote from the late Dave Draper :

"I like the company I keep when I am alone: I like the sounds of silence; I like the uncluttered space. With a crowd of one, there is no one to complain or groan, no self-consciousness, no dividing of attention, no one to impress."

P.S.  Thank you to all my readers, home and abroad.  The explosion in the interest of my blog posts has been shocking and heartwarming to say the least.  I never planned for this blog to become popular but as just a diary of sorts.  A place to archive my thoughts.


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