Death Is the Road to Awe


Death is the Road to Awe

By Adam Mundorf

Forever people have looked for the fountain of youth. Does is exist? What make us think we're capable of finding it? The most powerful men in the world have succumbed to death. They had all of the money and hope in the world to live forever and couldn't do it. Why do we fear death? I mean just look at all of the history around us. Every man and woman eventually dies.

Every. Single. One.

Smile in the face of death for there is nothing to fear. It's a rest after a well lived life. What a beautiful thing it is. It's almost like we work for the privilege. When our mission here on Earth is done, we are done. We must go on to whatever follows. Some believe in reincarnation and others believe in heaven and hell. It's such a beautiful thing to look back throughout history and think that we all had the same fate. Kings, presidents, warriors and emperors.

Even they were not immune to the hands of time.

This does not mean that we just lie down and take death idly. We must face it head on and try our best to be here and be viable for as long as possible. Not for us but for our fellow man and animal. Let's be here and be healthy for them.  Do not allow your mind to idle on insignificant things, but live in the present while being grateful for the future......


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