The Maturity of an Apology and The Death of Your Ego

The Maturity of an Apology

Death of Your Ego

By Adam Mundorf

The Maturity of an Apology
Ever since we were children we were taught to apologize.  We stole a toy or hurt another person : Go over there and apologize.  Somewhere along the way, people forgot this lesson or are simply too prideful to do it.  There is a sort of space on the internet where apologizing shows weakness.... I think the opposite is true.  Being able to admit your wrongs, putting your ego in your back pocket and offering a sincere apology shows that you're cognizant of your mistake.  It shows that you don't live a life with the intention to hurt others but sometimes it indirectly happens, as it does to all of us.  The ability to admit when one is wrong is a hallmark of a mature and stable individual.

The Death of Your Ego
The ego of a fragile individual is a touchy subject.  Almost all of life's struggle and conflicts can be brought back to how highly you think of yourself.  Someone insults you, turn the other cheek.  Someone tries to get you into a physical altercation, attempt to leave or deescalate.  Anyone who knows anything about violence, knows that deescalation and retreat is the smart option but not always the easiest for the ego.  Someone 'disrespects you', have pity on them.  How many shootings have started over the inability to deflect disrespect?  This is extremely common in lower income and urban areas. How others treat you is not reflective of you but of them.  They think so highly of themselves, they need to inflate their egos through throwing others down.  The pure man/woman has nothing to prove, has virtuous ambitions and their ego has been stomped into the ground.  The man/woman with the fragile ego is easy to spot : the loudest ones in the room, fancy jewelry, fancy cars, tattoos and a lifestyle of the loud.  Look at me!  Look at me!  Look how rich and powerful I am!  When in reality it's the man with an average car, simple pleasures and an intrinsic life is the one who has the most sturdy but quiet ego.  He is the one with the true power.

The death of your ego is when your real life begins as all societal expectations fall away.  You can truly be yourself and walk a free man/woman.  Preserve the soul and all falls into place.


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