The Futility of Worry : The Dangers of Social Media : Hearing the Birds Sing

The Futility of Worry

The Dangers of Social Media

By Adam Mundorf

The Futility of Worry

Worry is a funny thing especially when you realize that none of 'this' really matters at all. The ancient Stoic philosopher Seneca said that : "We suffer more often in imagination than reality."  Why suffer twice?  This reigns true especially today in the social media age.

The Dangers of Social Media

Unplug.  Don't be afraid to be without your phone and social media.  I see a troubling trend in the people of today where they are always 'connected' and afraid of being alone.  I find that this is a form of escapism.  Thoughts can be scary when you don't have distractions.  You think you're making meaningful connections through Snaps, Instagram or Twitter but in reality it's all artificial.  All these things just serve as distractions from your life's true purpose of virtue, self improvement and righteousness.  A like here and a like there make your dopamine go wild tricking yourself into thinking you've achieved something.  Social media is linked to body dysmorphia, insecurities, depression and anxiety.  If social media is no big deal then kick it for a few months and see your mental health improve.  Listen, I understand if it's hard.  These social media companies have people who study addiction and prey on people's tendencies of being attention whores.

Hearing the Birds Sing

Unplug and don't be afraid to be alone with your thoughts.  Go to a park or exercise and leave your phone somewhere else.  Take out the air-pods and hear the birds sing with the leaves shaking in the breeze.  Be content on being alone because there is a difference between being alone and being lonely.


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