The Demon That Strikes at Night : Not All Who Wander Are Lost


The Demon that Strikes at Night

By Adam Mundorf

You've had a successful day and get ready to go to bed.  Everything is seemingly normal but creeps a thought from the past or a current situation.  Causes you to writhe and think, while the clock ticks on.  Why does this occur? It is the demon that strikes at night when your mind is set to wander.

It's the fear and lack of practice of being alone.  It's the inability to be alone with your thoughts without the aid of a smartphone or some other external stimulus.  Your mind will create the most absurd shit when it's not being distracted.  It will create different imaginary scenarios, replay embarrassing moments from the past and as Seneca says : "Makes us suffer more often in imagination than reality."  Luckily for you not all who wander are lost.  When the despair strikes at night, remember your life's mission. Think rationally about your thoughts. Take a couple deep breaths and remember that the sun will rise again.  You have a whole day coming up.  Feel the softness of the mattress and be thankful that you have a beating heart.  As with everything else in life, true peace is found within gratitude for everything no matter how small.  Nothing is worth losing quality sleep, certainly not our minds games.  Now, go get some sleep - Not all who wander are lost.


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