Pushing Against Dopamine : Sisyphus, Entitlement and Delaying Gratification


Pushing Against Dopamine


By Adam Mundorf

Man, what's better than coming home from a long day at work only to bathe in dopamine.  That's if the following losers even work at all.  Let's have a drink, I've earned it.  Let's watch pornography and masturbate, I need it.  Let's eat tons of junk, I deserve it.  Let's smoke pot or do drugs because I can't handle stress.  Let me browse Tinder, I'm desperate.  Let me be promiscuous for fear of being alone.  Let's spend lots of time on social media for validation from others.   Let's party to forget about our life's true mission.

When did life become solely about comfort?  When did doing the bare minimum become acceptable?  When did it become cool to be entitled for no reason?  When did it become acceptable to live off the generosity of others?

Do you have running water?  Do you have a roof over your head?  Do you have health in your body?  Do you have a computer in your pocket?  Do you have air to breathe and eyes to see?  If you do, you already are luckier than you know.  You're not pushing a boulder alone, you have a system already propping you up.

All truth be told, life is like pushing a boulder up a mountain.  People have no appreciation for those currently pushing the boulder or for those who have reached the peak.  They will make excuses for why they are still at the bottom while others have reached the top.  They will make excuses for their dopamine dominant activities while the ones who are higher up the mountain delayed gratification in order to be further up the mountain.  They will wallow in old age as they waste away at a job and make excuses about why they can't retire.  They will bitch incessantly about aches, illness and pains that the whole time were avoidable through discipline.  They will complain about debt like somebody forced them to swipe their credit card or take out a loan for that new luxury vehicle.  They will complain yet live in the wealthiest most opportunity ridden country in the world.  They will claim ignorance while their answer was around them the whole time but all it required was temporary discomfort and delaying gratification.  

That's all.  It's not like we expect you to break rocks for a living or go to war (yes I know the draft exists but only for men, that's a different matter, equal rights my ass).  Just go to work, don't commit crimes, save some money, take care of your body and quit being a whiny little bitch.  



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