Lives of Quiet Desperation by Adam Mundorf

The Life of Quiet Desperation

I'll Never Be Like You

By Adam Mundorf

The white picket fence, the perfectly manicured lawn, two kids, three cars in the driveway, a fully stocked closet with rarely worn expensive clothing and a T.V. in every room.  From the outside looking in you would think that everything in their life is perfect.  Things couldn't be further from the truth.  With things come obligations and with obligations come stress.  You work a job you hate, to afford things you don't want, to impress people you don't even really like.  

Many people have looked at themselves in the mirror and realized that this is not what life is all about.  Working that 9 to 5, buying things on leverage for appearances and making 100k but spending just as much.  Their spouse chose them not on spiritual, emotional and sexual attraction but by the lifestyle they can provide them.  They did everything 'right'. did exactly as society told them but never what they wanted.  For sure, this leads to creature comfort but who said life is supposed to be comfortable?   Their health takes a hit with the accumulation mindset.  More, more and more leads to more eating, more spending, sleepless nights and a larger waist.  No time or energy to exercise because you're maintaining a lifestyle of consumerism.  Money never sleeps right?  Money does sleep but works when you invest and plan correctly : Fountain of Prosperity : Personal Finance and Investing for Longevity  

I'll 'Never be Like You' is a song by Flume (video below). One of my favorite songs of all time but it means something different for me.  It really solidified an idea in my head that I will never be like you.  I won't be bogged down by societal norms, trends or others expectations of who I should be.  I will never be like you.  Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.  Look them in their eyes and say : I will never be like you but will be without unquestionably myself.


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