Eating Your Soul : The Unaware Soulless : Social Media Junkies : The Ascetic Life

Eating Your Soul

By Adam Mundorf 

The modern world is plagued with the unaware soulless.  The pursuit of money, sex, gluttony, porn, fame, social media and other dopamine dominant behaviors devour your soul.  Sacrificing your morality, self worth and self respect for a Snapchat streak, fear of abandonment/being alone or for some attention.

Many don't realize until it's too late and their mental/spiritual health has deteriorated beyond repair.  Their self image is ruined and they are morally/emotionally bankrupt.

Don't join the ranks of the soulless.  Be crystal clear in who you want to be on your deathbed because it may come sooner than what you think.  Do you want to be a morally deprived dopamine junkie with a demon on your chest or do you want to be more akin to a saint?  Someone who lived a life of virtue and lived closer with God.  For the record, I'm not talking about the Christian God, it's all symbolism to me.  A greater energy of good and morality that reigns supreme.  Being able to wake up every morning with no vice, a life of virtue and to live an ascetic life.


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