If You're With me You're Never in the Dark


You're Never in the Dark

Friends for Life

By Adam Mundorf

For many people relationships and friendships are fleeting.  Not to me, I take them very seriously.  Many people live in fear of the future, with me you should have no fear.  If I have a home, so do you.  If I have food, you will too.  If I have warmth, you will too.  Rest assured that you will always have the genuine me, no matter how long or how distant we may grow apart.  This leads me to one of my favorite songs called : "Think" by Kaleida.  Part of the lyrics go as follows :

Think of me, I'll never break your heart.
Think of me, you're always in the dark.
I am your light, your light, your light.
Think of me, you're never in the dark.

With me you're never in the dark as I will be your light through life.


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