The Reality of Violence and Why the Wise Run Away

Violence is ugly.  Violence isn't fun.  Violence isn't to be glorified.

Oftentimes, when people hear my opinion about violence or self defense they think I'm sort of a bitch.  Especially because my first line of self defense is running away or deescalating.  I have no ego and nothing to prove.  Only those who don't know the true reality of violence are the ones who seek it out or even view it as a viable option.  What if your attacker pulls a knife?  What if he has a gun and you begin to gain the upper hand leaving him no other option?  You're fucked because you didn't try to flee and/or let your ego get in the way.  Let's pretend for a second, you wipe the floor with the assailant.  What if you accidentally murdered this guy?  What if he fell and smacked his head on the concrete?  You will be in silver cuffs and headed off to jail, if your life wasn't in immediate quantifiable danger.  I hope it was worth it... 

In my years as a martial artist, rubbing shoulders with some of the greatest fighters on the planet, they all tell me the same thing : Run Away and Live to Fight Another Day.

I don't want to ever hurt somebody else.  Why would I want that karma?  There are times though when violence is unfortunately necessary.

Violence is necessary :

  1. When Cornered and left with no other choice.
  2. Defending the Defenseless.
  3. Defending your Loved Ones and Pets from Harm.


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