The Power of Kinhin (Walking Meditation)

The Power of Kinhin (Walking Meditation)

By Adam Mundorf

Back when I experimented with early retirement, trying to figure out where my life was headed, I found myself going to parks/estates and doing a practice called Kinhin.

Kinhin is an ancient Buddhist form of meditation where you walk in a clockwise pattern while doing slow and methodical breathing.  Sometimes you can even walk in a figure eight pattern.  Sometimes I would do it silently or even while listening to some uplifting music.  Many powerful figures in history would always precede each large decision with a long relaxing walk.  Walking is powerful medicine.

This is a great way to reduce cortisol (stress hormone), meditate and get some activity in throughout the day.  Allot of people think : "What will other people think if they see me?"  Who really cares?  Just put on your favorite music, get out in the Sun and just walk in a pattern.  Not a care in the world and a chance to be alone with your thoughts....  


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