My Issue with Christianity in Suburban America (I'm not a Christian Anymore)

First of all Jesus Ain't White!  He most likely looked African or Arab.  I'm sick of seeing these blonde hair and blue eyed Jesus's!

Prayer is the Best Connection to God :  I Guess the Kids in Africa just have a Bad Reception

Having grown up in the church my whole entire life and growing up in a relatively wealthy but frugal household, I have a interesting perspective on Christianity and America.  Never wanting for anything makes being a Christian a cake walk.  Praise the Lord I have a new Mercedes.  Praise the Lord I got a raise at work.  Praise the Lord I got an inheritance.  It's easy to be a Christian when your prayers are for things you want and not things you "need".  When you have extra rooms in your house that are empty, are you 'truly' a Christian.

Walk Beside my Not Behind Me
Going to churches that are in pretty affluent areas, I see plenty of fancy cars parked in the parking lot.  Sometimes even the pastors are driving fancy cars.  Many of the congregation live in huge houses with three cars.  This is fundamentally anti Christian.  If you have empty rooms in your home, the Christian thing to do would be too invite the homeless in.  If you have extra food that goes bad in your home, the Christian thing to do would be to donate more and buy less.  If your allocating money from the church offering for a new sound system or a new I-pad, you're failing the poor.  That money could feed a family for months.  Don't call yourself a Christian if you never venture into poor/dangerous areas.  It's easy to pray, it's hard to take action and actually do something more than writing a check or sending a though or prayer.  A true Christian should drive an average car, own a small home and not live in gross excess.  This is doubly true for business owners, if you're living in opulence and your workers are struggling paycheck to paycheck.  Time to look in the mirror.

Missions Trips = Vacations
Oooh man I have some experience with this one.  Raising thousands of dollars to go on a trip when there are plenty of problems a couple miles from home.  It's a waste of money to raise thousands of miles, just to teach Vacation Bible School to some kids on a reservation.  That money could go much further investing it in the local people.  If everyone worked on their own towns, the world would be a better place.

Thoughts and Prayers
These don't help anyone in any meaningful way.  Sorry but money and physical effort are what get things done.

I for sure have more to add to this list but I just felt led to share this.  I have nothing against people using a belief system to better their lives.  It's when they attack others, have a superiority complex or use their platform for hate.  It's when they use their platform for profit and are hypocrites.  It's when they aren't open to any form of questioning, that's what throws me off.  All in All :

Just be a decent person. Treat others the way you want to be treated. The Bible can be summed up in the Golden Rule. 


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