Love is a Helping Hand


Love is a Helping Hand

By Adam Mundorf

Love is a scary thing until you realize that vulnerability and communication is the key to a successful long term relationship.  Many people view their significant others as weights that hold them down instead of a helping hand lifting them up.

I like to view a long term relationship as a series of peaks and tall walls that can only be overcome through teamwork/communication.  You boost me up, I reach back and lift you up.  I boost you up, you reach back and lift me up.  Together we traverse the mountain of life and no matter how tall the rock wall, we overcome together.  Never leaving each other behind and always being the hand that reaches from the darkness of life.

Helping each other is the way we ultimately help ourselves.

The above of course comes with a couple of caveats.  Being vulnerable with a toxic person can become a weapon in future communications.  Some people just cannot be communicated with or will use the above as a bargaining tactic to get what they want.  There are those out there who will view vulnerability as weakness but it's the opposite that is true.  Kick these people to the curb and never look back.  Find yourself a person that's worthy of your trust, love and ultimately your success.

Be honest with yourself and be forthcoming with your partner but NEVER be used as a doormat or a sucker because you chose to open your heart to a snake or emotional leech.  Always demand the best for yourself and remember that you don't get these years or time back.


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