Having Fuck You Money and Stealth Wealth


Having 'Fuck You' Money
By Adam Mundorf

Personal Finance and investing isn't just about making it from paycheck to paycheck and putting a little bit away.  It's about accumulating enough money where you have near unlimited options for how to spend your time and life.  Having enough money where you can afford to just simply walk away and be okay.  A 'boss' tells you to do something you think is over the line, you can walk.  A job takes advantage of you, you can leave at any time and be okay.  I've told people and jobs in the past to politely "Go Fuck Yourself."  I have options and I rule my own life. Having money gives you options and allows you to spend your time EXACTLY how you want to.  Time is the one thing we never get back.

Having 'Stealth Wealth'

I am a huge proponent of stealth wealth.  True wealth whispers while fake wealth screams.  The chains, the cars, the new phone, the stark white shoes and the massive homes.  They are oftentimes signs of things that are not true.  I've always enjoyed having the ability to buy those things but holding off because I realize those things won't make me happier or more satisfied.  The ability is so much more satisfying than actually owning the product.  Plus you have to ask about the morality of owning obscene things, when the time value of your money can do so much more good long term.


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