Growing Up, Lack of Play and Lack of Imagination with Obligations

Growing Up, Lack of Play and Lack of Imagination

Due to Obligations

I'll Never Be Like You

By Adam Mundorf

It's funny how life after childhood becomes so sheltered and boring.  No, I'm not talking about going to the club, parties, the bar or smoking weed.  I'm talking about the ability to enjoy life regardless of circumstance or situation.  As people age they begin to care about what other people think and how they are perceived.  It's funny how after a certain age people just stop 'playing'.  Having catch in the park, skipping rope, playing ultimate frisbee and tag.  They stop just going outside and enjoying the beautiful days without obligation.  I prefer days where you're so exhausted from having fun that you just collapse into bed at the end of it.

This leads me to my next topic of imagination.  We have a whole world in our head, a whole world that is often lost to those who age.  I'm not sure what happens but people begin to lose their sense of humor and their sense of self.  It could be that their life becomes too rigid, too material obsessed or too full of obligations.  Life becomes so boring.......  To me everything is somewhat of a joke.  Everything is somewhat funny regardless of the circumstance, there's always something hilarious about it.  Of course things can and should be taken seriously but there's no harm in seeing the humor in everything.  One of my favorite songs in the world is : Never Be Like You by Flume (Linked Below).  I'm sure it means something else to the creator but to me it signifies that I will never be like you.  I'll never be worried about what others think and I'll never change my imagination or friendliness just to fit into a certain ideal imposed by the world.  I will never be like you.


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